Multimedia showreel about Iceland. The length of the show is 18 minutes, of which we share 2,5 minutes with you on this site.

Photos: Orsolya & Erlend Haarberg
Text: Unnur Jökulsdóttir
Music: Csaba Kalotás (Freemen)
Arranged and produced by: Orsolya Haarberg

This show has been presented at the launching of our book “Iceland - land of contrasts” and several other events in Budapest and Baja (Hungary, 2011-2012); at the GDT Nature Photo Festival (Lünen, Germany, 2012); at the Kuusamo Nature Photo Festival (Finland, 2012), Oulu Nature Photo Festival (Finland, 2013) and Turku/Helsinki Nature Photo Festival (Finland, 2013); in Sfântu Gheorghe (Romania, 2012); at a Biofoto Klub meeting in Trondheim (Norway, 2011), in the Oslo Kamera Klubb (Norway, 2012), at the Norwegian Nature Photo Festival in Ski (Norway, 2014) and at the photo festival in Montier-en-Der (November, 2015).