Erlend Haarberg

HaarbergAs a nature photographer, I feel privileged for having the possibility to experience nature’s changing faces throughout the different seasons.

To begin with the cold winter, when a white blanket of snow covers the landscape. The Sun draws long shadows during the short days. The light from the low Sun, the water frozen into motionless figures, and the wind whipping up the powdered snow are the elements of winter that give birth to eye-catching scenes. Even the dark nights with glittering starlight offer unique experiences, especially when the northern light sweeps across the sky, accompanied by the dreadful sound of breaking ice. There is no other season when I could be so frozen, but no other when I feel more alive.

After a long winter it is always good to feel the warming rays of Sun on my body. For a bird photographer, spring is a high season when millions of my winged friends return to Scandinavia, to their breeding grounds. Together with the shrinking of snow, plants begin to rise towards the light sky. Nature explodes with life and joy. No other season is more eventful and rich for adventure, than spring - every year it seems as if we all start again anew.
The summer follows with a profusion of smells and sounds. Laying on my back with peace in my heart, listening to the call of the black-throated diver traveling over the surface of the still waters of a lake, gives me a real wilderness feeling. These are the moments when I feel harmony and unity with nature.

The heralds of autumn bring frosty nights along, and are followed by a rich palette of colours in the woods and the fields. The vapour of rutting descends over the moors and forests, with deer taking the preliminary steps in delivering the next generation for the following spring. The circle of the year comes to an end, and I am ready for a new beginning.

There are many ways for being rich in this life. My richness is my freedom and the many unique moments I experience in nature.

Orsolya Haarberg

The greatness of landscapes have always been captivating me. Open scenes, where the Earth meets the sky on the horizon, are places where I love to be, searching for topics to photograph. Not necessarily to represent the characteristic scenes of a landscape in my images, but to find the hidden secrets of a land. To reveal a level of harmony within the chaos. To manage to create images that touch a chord in me, discover subjects that have the potential for associations and interpretations to me and the observer.

As a nature photographer , I am "omnivorous"; from photographing great landscapes and animals, to the tiniest details that remain unnoticed for most of us. I seek to capture attractive combinations of colours, clear and simple compositions, and I like to achieve a graphic effect on my photographs. I do so also when I work with animals. With a few exceptions, it is not the behaviour of a bird or mammal that I want to document, but the lines and colours becoming distinct in the landscape.

Abstract topics also give me great joy and challenge to create something of my own. Doing so, the playful and art-loving part of me awakes, and the results are more personal images without the constraint of representation.

I am happiest by the sea, where I can witness the work of waves as they hit the rocks and wash the beaches rhythmically. Time passes unnoticeably, while searching for the right scene or waiting for the perfect light. Enjoying such moments is one way to life’s flow; when you have your entire focus on the one thing you do, forgetting about all thoughts that may distract you otherwise.
For me, this is the way I do most things. Being lost in the things I do is the best recipe for a happy life.

Short Biography:
1977 - Born in Baja, Hungary (maiden name Orsolya Bozsér)
1995-2002 – MSc program in Landscape Architecture, University of St. Stephen, Budapest, Hungary
2002-2004 - Doctorate program in wildlife management, University of West Hungary, Faculty of Forestry, Sopron, Hungary
2004 – Moved to Norway, and works as a freelance nature photographer