2015-11-17 13:24:18 Posted by: Orsolya Haarberg

This year I entered my photographs in a couple of competitions and I feel extremely honored that I received one or two prizes in most of these contests. I am the most excited about the awards that were announced last week in Mexico City at the prize giving ceremony of the Por el Planeta wildlife, nature and conservation photography competition.

My image of the Hverfjall crater titled "Lunar landscape" (Iceland, 2011) has won a 2nd prize in the Wild Habitat category, selected from 28.578 photographs taken by 2949 photographers from 88 countries.

My photograph about the Eyjafjallajökull volcano titled "Eruption!" (Iceland, 2010) has been presented as highly commended image in the portfolio book of the Por el Planeta competition.


Images that I entered to the Nordic Nature Photo Contest, the Hungarian Nature Photographer of the Year competition and the Italian BioPhotoContest has been awarded as follows:

"Ice labyrinth". Lofoten Islands, Norway, 2014.

Hungarian Nature Photographer of the Year competition, Composition and form category, 1st place

Nordic Nature Photo Contest, Outdoor life, 2nd place

"Jumping stoat". Norway, 2012.

Hungarian Nature Photographer of the Year competition, Mammals category, 3rd place

Nordic Nature Photo Contest, Highly commended image

"Gođafoss". Iceland, 2010.

Hungarian Nature Photographer of the Year competition, The energy of nature category, 1st placeScots pines in the outer Sognefjorden, Norway. 2012.

BioPhotoContest, Highly commended image

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