2014-09-19 12:23:01 Posted by: Orsolya Haarberg

When a large project comes to an end, we always make an effort to publish a selection of our favourite photographs in the Camera Natura magazine. In this Swedish magazine, beautiful layout and outstanding paper quality helps to get the photographs presented in a unique way, and it gives you an insight into the recent work of Scandinavian nature photographers.

Fighting kittiwakes (photo by Erlend Haarberg)


Although our project about the Norwegian Coast has not been completed yet, we have already published a couple of articles about the fjords, islands and archipelagos of Norway (see Coastal Norway articles). We have just added the Camera Natura article “Havlandet – norskekystens mange ansikter” to this list, which has been published in the September (Nr3/2014) issue of the magazine.

Double rainbow over Reine in the Lofoten Islands (photo by Orsolya Haarberg)

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