Laponia-Majestic Stillness

erlend haarberg | orsolya haarberg | john e utsi


This book is the story of a region which has been spared from major exploitation and destruction. The photographers, Erlend Haarberg and Orsolya Haarberg, show us the hidden and almost invisible Laponia, the majestic and the modest. The colours, the cold, the light. Their images are a quiet tribute to the landscape and all life that is connected to it (John E. Utsi).

Laponia—Majestic Stillness
Hard cover | Four different language editions
English | Swedish | German | Sami

Photo | Erlend Haarberg & Orsolya Haarberg
Text | John E Utsi
Graphic design | Zsolt Czakó

168 pages | 290x290mm | 1600g

Price: 399 SEK (~ 42 EUR)