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2015-09-21 14:54:04 Posted by: Orsolya Haarberg

Our new article in the Camera Natura magazine, “Nærmøte med dyr i landskapet”, contains a selection of our favorite images with truly memorable experiences during the photo shoots. We decided to write a little background story to each photograph in order to give the readers behind-the-scene information about what it takes to experience and capture animals in their natural environment. Enjoy reading and browsing through the images! (Red fox photo by Erlend Haarberg)Atlantic puffins on the Runde Island in Norway.


Find another photograph from the article on our Facebook page (published on 20 September)!

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2015-09-15 10:42:46 Posted by: Orsolya Haarberg

We are pleased to share with you that our new National Geographic Magazine story about the Laponia World Heritage Site is available online (and on digital newsstands) from today. Look for the October issue of the magazine on print newsstands from 29 September.

Follow us on FacebookInstagram and on this website in order to see all images and information we are going to share about our Laponia project in the coming weeks.Cover of the October issue of National Geographic Magazine.Photograph by Erlend Haarberg/National Geographic
Veiled in melting snow and ice, Laponia warms in the summer, inviting city dwellers to venture above the Arctic Circle and experience the area’s splendid solitude.

Photograph by Erlend Haarberg/National Geographic
Staggered by snow, Norway spruces bend with the weather. “Solitude and spectacle—that’s the essence of Laponia,” says John Utsi, a writer from the town of Jokkmokk.Photograph by Orsolya Haarberg/National Geographic

Drama of an autumn storm sweeps into the Rapa Valley, spotlighting Mount Nammatj. Like much of Laponia’s landscape, the peak has been sculpted by glaciers.

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2015-04-26 10:00:20 Posted by: Erlend Haarberg

I am thrilled that my image "Red fox in winter landscape" won the Mammals category in the ASFERICO International Nature Photography Competition.

The same photograph was awarded third prize in Mammals category in the Nordic Nature Photo contest this year.


In addition, my photo "Jumping stoat" (see below) is presented as highly commended image in the ASFERICO exhibition and catalogue 2015. You can see the winning photographs here.

Finally, the jury of the Glanzlichter European Nature Photographer of the Year competition awarded one of my Iceland aerials as a highly commended image in the category Wetlands.

See all my awarded photographs here.


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Since 2005, we have traveled together as a team, constantly being on the move to capture those memorable experiences in nature, with our cameras in our hands. Our projects capture different parts of the "Cap of the North", in a never-ending search for eye-catching scenes, and the magic light that is so characteristic of this region. It is the desire to get back to our roots – to live with nature that inspires us to create the images that we do.

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