2018-02-08 21:01:38 Posted by: Orsolya Haarberg

In the last few months we have been busy presenting our recently completed Laponia project in 11 European countries. We gave presentations, traveled with exhibitions, collected prizes we won at international nature photography competitions, and last but not least, we have been selling our new book "Laponia – Majestic Stillness". You can see the list of events we attended below.


9-10 September 2017: Scottish Nature Photography Festival, UK


19 September 2017: Baja, Hungary


22-24 September 2017: BioPhotoFestival, Budoia, Italy


27 September 2017: Csillaghegy, Hungary


30 September 2017: Vaasa Photo Festival, Finland


6-8 October: Montphoto FEST 2018, Lloret de Mar, Spain


20 October 2017: Strix Photo Club Meeting, Brixen, Italy


28-29 October 2017: GDT Nature Photo Festival, Lünen, Germany (see below, photos by GDT)

3-4 November 2017: Vårgårda Nature Photo Festival, Sweden


11-12 November 2017: Nature Talks Photo Festival, Ede, The Netherlands


16-19 November 2017: Montier-en-Der, France (see below)

25 November 2017 - 20 January 2018: Gallery Naturfotografiska, Hallstahammar, Sweden (see below, photos by Anders & Susanna Geidemark)

27-29 January 2018: Cinclus Nature Photo Festival, Vouzela, Portugal


31 January-10 March 2018: Ájtte Swedish Mountain- and Sami Museum, Sweden.

Our exhibition Laponia – Majestic Stillness and small show "Living mountains" are open to visitors in the Ájtte Museum at the moment (see below)

Upcoming event is the Norwegian Nature Photo Festival in Ski (16-18 March 2018), where we present Laponia - Majestic Stillness and Mountain hare ("Bare hare").

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2017-10-28 08:13:17 Posted by: Orsolya Haarberg

We are glad to announce that Erlend Haarberg was named the overall winner of the GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 competition. The prize-giving ceremony took place in Lünen (Germany) on 27 October, where jury, award winners and a large audience came together to celebrate the event.

The winning image titled "Snow spat" is the result of a long term project that Erlend started more than 25 years ago in the upland birch forests of Norway. This work became an important part of his life over the years, therefore he is very pleased and deeply honoured that the international jury selected this particular image.


This image was also awarded:

- finalist at the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2017 competition (London, UK)

- overall winner of the Golden Turtle 2017 competition (Moscow, Russia)

- category 1st prize- and public award winner at Montphoto (Lloret de Mar, Spain)

About the photograph:

Mountain hares are nocturnal – even in the mating season, most activity happens under cover of darkness. Fights occur among the individuals, either for food or for the females, but it is seldom observed. This atmospheric image, of softly falling snow around the fighting hares in a perfect position, is a unique moment Erlend had been waiting long to capture.

Vauldalen, Norway, 2016

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2017-10-16 16:57:14 Posted by: Orsolya Haarberg

Last weekend we got the wonderful news that Erlend Haarberg won the Photographer of the Year award at the Golden Turtle international nature photography competition. What a pleasant surprise and great honour to be named overall winner in a competition with more than 10.000 entries and a jury that has been composed of some of the most respected professionals in the field of nature photography!

Nine images of Erlend have been awarded, five of them from the mountain area in Middle-Norway where where he has been working most actively in the last 30 years, with a special focus on mountain hares.

The prize-giving ceremony took place in Moscow on 13 October 2017.

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Since 2005, we have traveled together as a team, constantly being on the move to explore and photograph landscapes and wildlife, with special interest in the Nordic countries. Our projects capture different parts of the "Cap of the North", in a never-ending search for surprising scenes and the magic light that is so characteristic of this region. It is the desire to get back to our roots — to live with nature that inspires us to create the images that we do.

We are members of The Photo Society, a group of contributing photographers for National Geographic Magazine.

NEW BOOK LAPONIA – MAJESTIC STILLNESS can be purchased online in four different language editions here.

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