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2014-12-20 15:47:43 Posted by: Orsolya Haarberg
Iceland calendar 2015

Heye Kalender has published a large format calendar with our Iceland images. 

The calendar received a Silver award at the Gregor International Calendar Award at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2014.


See the whole calendar on the publisher's website  (click on the images to enlarge them).


You can order the calendar from Heye Kalender or from Amazon.

The size of the calendar is 78x58cm, and it weighs 1,79kg. The calendar is in German.

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2014-12-19 22:16:11 Posted by: Orsolya Haarberg
Naturvernforbundet calendar 2015

Support nature conservation in Norway by purchasing the 2015 calendar of Norges Naturvernforbund!

The theme of the calendar is "joy in nature". We are represented both as photographers and "photo models" in the calendar.


Take a look at the whole calendar here

The front cover shows a Norwegian lemming (photograph by Erlend Haarberg)


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2014-11-25 14:22:07 Posted by: Orsolya Haarberg
Exhibition at the Stockholm Photo Fair

One of my photographs, an image from the Stockholm Archipelago (photo in the right side of the picture below), has been a part of a collective exhibition at the Stockholm Photo Fair (Stockholmsmässan) last weekend. The exhibition called NATUR 2014 showcased the work of 48 female nature photographers from Scandinavia. From now on, the exhibition can be visited at ProCenter, the producer of the exhibition (Alsnögatan 11, plan 4, Danvikstull/Södermalm/Stockholm), on weekdays from 08.00 to 17.00.

Photo by ProCenter

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Since 2005, we have traveled together as a team, constantly being on the move to capture those memorable experiences in nature, with our cameras in our hands. Our projects capture different parts of the "Cap of the North", in a never-ending search for eye-catching scenes, and the magic light that is so characteristic of this region. It is the desire to get back to our roots – to live with nature that inspires us to create the images that we do.

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